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EVERYDAY SOCKS mini (22 ~ 24cm) 7 colors

EVERYDAY SOCKS mini (22 ~ 24cm) 7 colors

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The goodness of low gauge socks that Tamura socks store is good at

Spring and summer socks "EVERYDAY SOCKS" that will give you the maximum
Shorter length "EVERYDAY SOCKS mini" from there

The design of the knitting pattern is a little different from "EVERYDAY SOCKS", but the rough opening and comfort are the same.

"EVERYDAY SOCKS mini" that feels better than bare feet that you want to wear every day

The feature is that thick threads and thin threads are knitted together so that they do not tighten with a rough texture.

The thread used is cotton slab thread.

Slavic yarn refers to uneven and uneven yarn.

By using threads with irregular thickness and length (= knots), the area that comes into contact with the skin is naturally reduced.

Therefore, it doesn't get too warm, and it feels more refreshing and refreshing than it looks.

The size is 22 to 24 cm.
We have bright colors that you want to wear in the spring and summer.

Please refrain from using the dryer as it may shrink.

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