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Double layered silk and wool socks Made in Japan (S)

Double layered silk and wool socks Made in Japan (S)

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Recommended for small feet and children!
Double knit socks with a size of 19 cm to 22 cm.

Very warm, double warmth with one pair.
The inside is silk and the front is acrylic wool fabric.
We are particular about firm sewing that keeps warmth and does not get cold easily and the two pieces do not shift.

Made in Japan shoes. Made at a factory in Gunma prefecture.
The manufacturing process is 100% done in Japan.
Some of the threads are made in China.

Cold socks are unexpectedly difficult to wear and require special care for washing.
However, these socks have a soft and loose design that retains the goodness of low gauge.
As a result, it is easy to wear and does not require layering, so you can easily take measures against the cold, especially after taking a bath in the winter morning.

Thanks to the delicate craftsmanship, it is possible to wash at home.
Do not use bleach, wash with household detergent and then dry.
Please do not use the dryer as it will shrink.

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