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Silk double knit wrist warmer<kids> made in Japan

Silk double knit wrist warmer<kids> made in Japan

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A kids-sized wrist warmer with double silk knitting.
It is available in 3 colors.

Although it is a kids size, I think it can be used by women with small hands.

It is the perfect size for children of elementary school age on average.

The inside is made of silk, which is very warm, and because it is double-layered, the fabric does not easily settle and is durable.
In addition, it is designed so that the thumb comes out, and this processing is manufactured at a nearby buttonhole specialty store.

Being able to move your fingertips out is very important for your child's development, and smartphones and games are easy to use.
Unlike gloves, there is no fingertip, so there is less friction and there is no need to worry about puncturing.

Unlike socks, which have the highest friction in clothing, they are extremely durable.
I think that if you have about 2 sets including rewashing, you don't have to buy it anymore in childhood.

Another recommended way to use it is to wrap your finger holes a little in your baby, use it as a leg warmer, and when it gets bigger, untie the stitches and use it as a wrist warmer.
I think it can be used as a player for 10 years!

When the dough stretches a little, steam it to return it to its original size.
Please put the laundry in the net and avoid using the dryer.

The list price is 1100 yen. The list price is the tax-included price.

We will ship by smart letter or click post.

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