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Natural wool socks (S)

Natural wool socks (S)

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Highly recommended for cute autumn / winter styling!
This is the S size page.
Please choose a color from 5 colors.

A fluffy feeling as if we knit together with the air.

The socks are made from thick mohair threads, so you can feel the thickness.

Outstanding cuteness in a rough atmosphere.
It goes great with dresses and sneakers, and it's cute even if you glance at it from rolled-up denim.

Mohair yarn is fluffy, so if you use so much of this yarn, it will often get caught and stop when knitting with a machine, which is troublesome.
In making these socks, the craftsmen slowly and carefully move the machine, and the last is the proud Made in Japan SOCKS, which is still carefully hand-finished.

Since it is a simple design with only rib knitting, I think that it can be worn by both girls and boys.
I would like you to enjoy the parent-child coordination.

* If you have sensitive skin that feels itchy or itchy when you wear a sweater, you may get the same situation with these socks.
It seems to be alleviated if you wash it with fabric softener 2-3 times. There are individual differences in the effect, but please try it.

When washing, put it in the net and avoid using bleach or a dryer.

52% acrylic
27% nylon
11% wool
9% polyester
1% polyurethane

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