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2022 Spring / Summer!

I made a lot of bright colors this year.

Low-gauge socks that the Tamura socks store specializes in, which can be made by a double-cylinder machine and has a very cute rough opening.

These spring and summer socks are very popular every year.


It is knitted with cotton slab yarn.

Low gauge is the luxurious use of thick yarn to knit a large mesh.
The feature is that it has a rough texture and does not tighten.

Slavic yarns are non-uniform, bumpy yarns.

By using threads with irregular thickness and length (= knots), the area that comes into contact with the skin is naturally reduced.

Therefore, it doesn't get too warm, and it feels more refreshing and refreshing than it looks.

The ankles are ribbed and switched to create a fashionable atmosphere.

The size is

M size 23 ~ 26cm (5 colors)

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but we are particular about the color and length that suits spring-like long dresses, denim, and mimore skirts.
Please use it according to your mood and clothes.

You can wash it normally in the washing machine, but please refrain from using the dryer as it may shrink.

80% cotton
15% nylon
4% polyester
1% polyurethane

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