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Silk and cotton double layered socks

Silk and cotton double layered socks

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The front side of the "Silk and Wool double Layered Socks", which is very popular in the fall and winter, is a cotton product.

The softness of the rough low gauge socks, of course, does not tighten.

It's not too refreshing and warm compared to wool products.

Since the inside is silk, of course it is hard to get stuffy

You can do the laundry at home and it's easy (be careful only with the dryer as it may shrink).

The cotton thread used has a higher purchase price than the acrylic wool thread (the difference in selling price is also large for that reason).

It is also characterized by being firm and hard to lose its shape.

There are two colors, simple gray and charcoal.

It is M size (22 ~ 25cm).

For reference, the owner can wear shoes with a foot size of 24.5 cm, although the usual shoes are 25.5 cm.

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