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The event after a long absence will be on Sunday, April 3rd, and will be sponsored by "Moon and Yufutsu".

It takes about 30 minutes by car from Annaka City, where I live, to Myogi Town, Tomioka City.

There is also a day trip hot spring at the popular roadside station, the power spot Myogi Shrine, and the adjacent Fureai Plaza!

A spectacular view of Mt. Myogi, a spectacular view ...

And cherry blossoms! ... Imagine it's about five to six minutes in bloom! (If you can actually come and see if you win ... lol)

This event is part of the Myogi Project 2023.

(In the Myogi Project 2023, we have started activities to promote new attractions centered on the Myogi Furusato Museum and to revitalize the area around Mt. Myogi.)

Personally, I'm looking forward to many things that look very delicious! !! (Isn't it done every time?)

There are also many eat-in spaces ♪

I will bring a lot of spring clothes, so please come and visit us.

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